Company Overview

A closer look at who we are including our vision, our purpose and what our company is all about.

Our Purpose

To help companies intelligently manage global regulatory compliance and product stewardship risk, and serve as the premier guardian of the environment, workplace and people.

Our Vision

3E™ aims to serve companies around the globe by collaborating with them to develop strategies for intelligent compliance. We envision a safer world guided by seamless access to relevant and unique data that is value-added by leading subject matter experts and actionable via powerful analytical tools.

About the Company

3E delivers intelligent compliance solutions that empower companies to reduce risk, drive continuous improvement, and create new growth opportunities. For more than 30 years, 3E has provided clients with the expertise, content, live environmental health and safety (EHS) support, and award winning solutions required to increase chemical and workplace safety, improve product safety and stewardship, strengthen supply chain stewardship, and optimize research and development decision support.

The world’s leading companies trust 3E to provide the intelligent compliance solutions they need to ensure safety and sustainability. Unmatched Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability and product compliance expertise empowers clients to improve chemical and workplace safety, product safety and stewardship and supply chain transparency.

Our Partner in Japan

For more than two decades, 3E and The Chemical Daily Co., Ltd. have worked together to serve the compliance needs of the Japanese market. The Chemicaldaily Regulatory Info-Center Co., Ltd., part of The Chemical Daily, is an authorized reseller of many 3E solutions.

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